SAPRA is a paralegal advocacy NGO.

* Paralegals (“grassroots barefoot lawyers”) are not legal professionals (Attorneys or Advocates).  
Paralegal organizations provide basic legal advice to individuals and communities who have no access to, or who cannot afford access to formal legal services.

The South African Pagan Rights Alliance (SAPRA) is a voluntary association, formed in 2004, as a human rights activist alliance.

SAPRA offers free, practical assistance on basic legal issues, including social welfare, employment disputes, infringement of and discrimination against personal legal and constitutional rights, and provides referrals to formal legal representation where necessary.

SAPRA will negotiate and mediate inter-communal conflict, organize community development initiatives aimed at restoring justice, advocate for religious equality and equity, and promote human rights education.

SAPRA is designated (as of 2008) as a religious organisation in terms of section 5 of the Civil Union Act (Act 17 of 2006), and its religious marriage officers may solemnise both same-sex and heterosexual marriages.


SAPRA is an Executive Member of the South African Pagan Council (SAPC) and Chair of the SAPC Law Reform Committee.

SAPRA is a Member of the Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network (WHRIN).


SAPRA Executive Committee

Director: Mr Gary Thomas (Damon) Leff
Chief Executive Officer: Ms Morgause Fonteleve
Marriage Officer Registrar: Mrs Retha van Niekerk
General Secretary: Ms Gitta Seyfert
: Mr  Lawrence Christopher Waugh
Executive Committee Chair: Mr Francisco Fumarola


SAPRA is registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission as a non-profit company (2018/620182/08).


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